About Endermospa ®


The Endermospa® is equipped with the latest technology of LPG Cellu M6 Alliance machines with exclusive protocols for the Endermospa®. Our professionals specialise in anti-ageing and body contouring and are trained to the highest level. They are continuously evaluated to the most rigorous high quality standards to ensure maximum results and to offer you expert advice during your programme.

On your initial Consultation they will carry out an in depth assessment to understand your goals and lifestyle in order to create a customised programme as unique as you.

Our results stand as a testament to the importance of correct qualifications and experience in using the highly specialised equipment and techniques. For this reason, the Endermospa® specialises in Endermologie® body treatments and Endermolift ™ facial treatments.

The Endermospa® is the result of passion, a passion which started with a journey.

Sue Ali first set up her discrete Endermologie® Practice in her home Clinic in 2010. Following its success, Sue had expanded her business to Buckhurst Hill and later relocated to Loughton, Essex.

Her dedication to this treatment began when she discovered it was the only treatment she could find which genuinely rolled back the years. Sue was surprised that this amazing technique, which has been used by French women for years, was unavailable from a specialised practitioner in the UK.

Only after experiencing the amazing results for herself, she decided to pursue a career in offering the wonderful treatments to others. Sue has progressed to Advanced Expert LPG Practitioner Certification and is well known amongst aesthetic doctors who regularly recommend Sue's treatments. Sue's dedication, expertise and knowledge has earned her LPG's prestigious award of "The Plaque of Excellence".

Now she is the proud owner of the UK's first Endermospa™ dedicated to delivering only these treatments.